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Mission & Values
We are scientists with biotech background, knowing internal processes. For the last 7 years we have organized conferences, lectures and biotech hakatons to help people with building a network and growing in professional field. All of it and our own experience gives us access to diverse specialists all around the World and we are happy to connect you with them.
We are helping to solve global problems by finding specialists in life science industry for years to come.
Why should you use our services?
  • 1
    In-depth industry knowledge
    We use our academic expertise and evaluate candidates' professional skills. Therefore you get the most qualified applicants on the interview.
  • 2
    Focus on people
    We look in details into every case and avoid hiring on formal criteria. So you can be sure we find you the most fitting team member.
  • 3
    Transparent working processes
    We are always in touch, providing HR-consultancies and metrics. Thus you are aware of every step of the project and get predictable results.
  • 4
    Wide range of tools
    Our experience, diverse searching methods and access to specialists from all around the World allow us to find unique candidates. We can hire a designer with biology background, bioinformatician with sales skills or anyone else required to your team.

We have already hired:

Management and Leadership


R&D Director

Regional Director

Head of Preclinical Research Department

Head of R&D

Head of the medical сentre

Business Development Manager

Chief Agronomist

Procurement Manager

Product Development Manager

Project Manager

Sales Manager

Science and Research

Analytical Chemist


Bioinformatics Programmer

Biological Drug Development Consultant

Genetic Counselor

Molecular Biologist


Peptide Modification Specialist

Process Chemical Engineer

Senior Researcher


Specialized field

Life Sciences Graphic Designer

Business Analyst

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Our clients

  • CEO, Atlas Biomed
    What I like about Blastim are its strong hard skills and research-based approach. The team is professional in biology and bioinformatics that brings the interviews and communication to the candidates on the high top level. Plus, they keep a finger on the market pulse thus, you can always consult the hiring strategy and market opportunities.
  • Director of Data Science & Bioinformatics (Novartis, Switzerland)
    To compare, any life science hiring agency would require an upfront/search fee approximately 100x times more than what it takes to use Blastim. As an experienced hiring manager, I can only be grateful to the creators of the Blastim as it has been a lifesaver for us in terms of talent sourcing and hiring
  • I have been working in biotech startups for 6 years. The first project (Swiss company) on which I worked as a hired employee focused on the mechanisms of aging. Through Blastim's services, we found several bioinformaticians to work remotely, as well as a project manager to manage the entire pipeline of research projects. All specialists were of the highest level, with an academic background, we were very pleased. After that, I started working on my project (UK company) and also applied to Blastim for the services of finding employees. I am very satisfied with the work of the agency, efficiency and ease of communication. Thank you very much, I definitely will work again with Blastim :)
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